Fijian Language Memory Game Printable

Fijian Language Memory Game Printable

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In support of Fijian Language week we have created a free game to encourage using some simple Fijian words around the home. 

Simply print the PDF file at home on card and cut out, or you can laminate printer paper once cut out to make them a little more durable.

How to play memory: Mix and spread the cards picture-side-down on a flat surface. Each player takes a turn at flipping over 2x cards to find a match. If the player finds a match the have another turn. The winner is the person with the most pairs once there is no cards left on the table.

I would love to see these in action! Make sure to tag me on Facebook or Instagram @Paperjamdesigns

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*Disclaimer: All language translations are done via an online translator, I do apologise if any are incorrect!