Chore Chart Printable

Chore Chart Printable

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I have created a chore chart to use at home with my boys who are 4 and 7 years to help wiht extra jobs around the home and earn some pocket money (that they have been begging for for ages!). There was a lot of interest on my personal Instagram so I decided to add a copy here for you to print at home for free and use. I have also included blank copies incase you wanted to change the jobs or add your own $$ amount per jobs. 

It's important to me that my boys learn the value of money, but also still offer help around the house where money isn't expected so jobs such as folding pjs, making their bed, feeding the dogs, putting lunch boxes on the bench after school, and putting dirty washing in the wash basket are all things that must be done each day but doesn't earn pocket money. I have tried to select jobs that are suitable for their age and so far they have been doing a great job completing these and I have realised there are many jobs they are capable doing themselves that I no longer need to do - win win!

To make these charts I have used a printer, laminator, and mini velcro dots from Aliexpress.

I love to hear feedback and see pictures of my printables in use so please feel free to tag me on Instagram on my personal account @two_sweet_boys and @paperjamdesigns